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Saddles & Solutions Designed For Your Horse In Motion

Healthy, natural movement is key to happiness and longevity for you and your horse. Our family of products offers fully customizable saddles and pad systems designed to fit horses in MOTION. Plus we give you the know-how so you can be confident you’re doing the best for your horse. Western & English, Pleasure & Performance – over 10,000 riders around the world have discovered our difference.



Pick a beauty or create & design your own unique Signature Saddle.



Everything you need to outfit your ride and achieve a perfect fit.



Learn how to make the saddle you have fit the horse you have.


Riding is a human choice.  We owe it to our equine friends and performance partners to give them every possible chance to feel good on the journey while carrying us.   It’s our mission to help you make that happen for your horse and yourself.

Freedom to move as nature intended – Hell Yeah!

Customized, contoured comfort – Total Bliss!

— Letitia Glenn, Founder

Freedom to move means a happier, healthier horse.

Enhance comfort and confidence to improve performance.

Save money and lower your stress.

Have more fun with your horse!


You’ve finally gotten this slow cowboy to understand. Rosie and I are both loving the saddle, pad & shim system – it’s made a great difference with her, and today also with Call. Plus the saddle stays put doing cow work better than any saddle I’ve ever used. You know your stuff, and I appreciate your mission!

Ty Murray9-Time World Champion Cowboy, Co-Founder of the PBR

Too often veterinarians overlook saddle fit and its impact on posture, way of traveling, soundness and overall health. Letitia Glenn has spearheaded decades-long research on fit and optimal function. I had no idea what profound things I would learn and what dramatic differences I would notice in performance and way of going based on appropriate saddle fit.

Dr. Henry Jann DVMDipl. American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

I started skeptical – now I’m amazed! With your VersaFit half-pad and shims I am now able to use my favorite dressage saddle on numerous horses, and they are ALL moving better! I would never have believed it possible. Now I want a few more sets so each horse can have his custom set-up ready to go.

Sharon MadereIAABC Certified Horse Behavior Consultant, High-Point Champion Baroque Equestrian Games

Undoubtedly the best saddle I ever had… it fits all my horses, has a wonderful deep seat…this is one of those saddles that you can be IN instead of ON, whether doing ranch work, roping, or western dressage... and my horses are happier, to be sure!

Dave EllisUSA (Signature Ranch Roper)

I am beyond happy! Wow!! The way my horse moves freely, well it doesn’t feel like she’s got a saddle on. She responded to my body cues better than ever, I felt right where I should be, balanced and all. Super excited, can’t wait to keep going!

Donnatienne P.UK (Natural Performer)

I need to tell you how impressed I am with your saddles. I was blown away by the shoulder clearance and the development of the balance point. My horse felt like he could turn on a dime, and I noticed immediately he was hunting the cow with more feel. Your saddles are a huge step up in performance and technology.

Chris CookUSA (Ranch Roper)
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