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Saddles should benefit both horse and rider.

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Horses deserve the chance to approve of saddle equipment we use on their bodies.

Letitia GlennCo-Founder of Natural Horseman Saddles
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    The WESTERN FREEDOM saddle is for those with high level horsemanship goals, competition ambitions or simply looking for a relaxing trail ride. A traditional western profile designed with noninvasive rear skirts and a secure seat pocket....
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    Our WESTERN DRESSAGE is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to pursue training or competition in Dressage-oriented Western sports: Cowboy Dressage or Western Dressage. This saddle offers easy access to vertical posture alignment, and is...
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    The HORNLESS CARRY ME: Favorite of our light-weight saddles for those who prefer no horn. Same "lot of saddle" substance, easy to toss on your horse's back and handsome. Fortified with everything to keep your horse supported and comfy while carrying...
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If you could build your own saddle
would you build it to fit your horse standing still or
to hug your horse‘s back in motion?

Each of us wants to make the “right” choices about saddles and accessories and every choice has an enormous impact on the relationship we have with our horses. In over 20 years of worldwide research and extensive product development we have incorporated more breeds and sizes of horses than has probably been considered in history. This has resulted in a unique SADDLE SYSTEM CONCEPT. It is designed to allow the horse to move with comfort and ease while balancing the rider in a secure position.

Rethink Saddle Fit

A horse’s back regardless of breed and size lifts and expands three-dimensionally as soon as the Horse starts moving. Compared to most conventional saddle concepts. SMARTFLX trees welcome the Horse’s back while it expands contracts and bends…

Saddle Fit Evaluation

Discover the #1 simple reason why mot saddles don’t allow Horses to move freely and learn about MYTHS YOUR HORSE WILL PROVE ARE WORTH BUSTING. Get your personal Saddle Fit Evaluation here…

Take a Test Ride

Investing in a new saddle is a very important decision. Your saddle needs to fit and you and your Horse, not only now, but also later when your Horse changes in growth and muscle development. Make the best choice by taking a test ride…

"Natural Horseman Saddle's Western Dressage saddle is my favorite western saddle of all time! I love putting it on and going for trail rides or doing cowboy dressage and cow horse basics in the arena."

Mattie C. I Western Dressage
Western Dressage Saddle
Australian Halfbreed Sport dark brown

"My horse is happy and I am happy. His behaviour towards saddles has changed dramatically."

Tamzin C. I Australian Halfbreed Sport
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Show your western style, even when you are not with your horse. Our trendy and handy accessories are your companion wherever you go.


We offer a wide range of saddle accessories such as cinches, stirrups and saddles carriers as well as wear and tear/replacement parts. Latigos, tie straps, back billets, and much more…
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