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Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to make a change in your practices and take care of yourself better these days.
Some of us on the Natural Horseman Saddles Team have been motivated to action by this author and her recommendations…and happy with the results.
We think our horses are happier because we’ve done it!

It’s time to make a change, and our 5 TIPS TO RIDER WELLNESS are here to help!

Overlooked thanks to ‘busy lives’, horse owners are often guilty of lovingly caring for their horses, but not themselves!  We are all so pushed for time!  Working, families, picking up poop, and making up feeds…it is very easy to forget about what we should be doing as riders to keep up our stamina and strength.


Here at Natural Horseman Saddles, we promote the idea of Rider and Horse Happiness being jointly important.  So, we’ve enlisted the help of Whitney Walsh of @barbellsnbreeches.

Whitney is a wellness coach who “helps stuck humans transform their bodies through managing their hormones, stress, and sleep.”
Whitney also happens to be an equestrian.

BLOGGER- Whitney Walsh - Wellness Coach

Whitney Walsh

Guest Blogger

Whitney is a Wellness Coach & Equestrian. Her ONE ON ONE coaching can benfit anyone who suffers an imbalance of sleep, hormones and stress.

by Whitney Walsh

Our horses are everything to us. We pay such close attention to their diet and fitness.  We notice right away when their energy is low, when we might need to add a supplement or change their feed.  Are they drinking enough? Add salt to the feed.  Hot day, hard workout? Get those electrolytes out.  

We, however, will live off of coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and granola bars we grabbed in our rush out the door. Forever wondering why we ache, have brain fog, bloating, cravings, low energy, not to mention our breeches just keep fitting tighter and tighter.


corn, soy, dairy, sugar, wheat (gluten).
These are some of the most common contributors to inflammation in the body.

blog - bed and sleepPRIORITIZE SLEEP

Aim to catch 7-8hrs of zzz’s.
For the best quality of sleep: stop drinking coffee afternoon, dim your lights after 8pm, stay off of electronics an hour before bed, sleep with phones/electronics out of the bedroom if possible, & sleep in a bat cave (complete darkness).

blog - water


Water over Coffee when you first get up!
Give your body a min of 2L of filtered water DAILY.  Adding some colored salt for better absorption doesn’t hurt either.

blog - meatEAT PROTEIN

Seriously, I mean it.  Don’t fear the meat.  Aim for 0.8-1g of protein minimum per lb of bodyweight DAILY. For example, if you weigh 130lbs, you would be eating 130g protein /day. This is about 4-5oz of protein per meal.  If you don’t have a scale, eating a piece of protein about the size of your palm is equivalent.

blog - eggsPROTEIN & FATS IN THE A.M.

Start your day with protein and fats to aid in sustained energy, will help keep you full longer, and will help keep any mid-day cravings at bay.
This can look like 5 whole eggs and avocado.
Or Salmon and a handful of walnuts.

But where do we even start? Do we break out the juicer and choke back puréed kale for 3 days? The answer is no, step away from the juicer.  

Start slow, don’t get overwhelmed.  Add in one step a week if you need to.  Just like you wouldn’t change your horses grain all at once, don’t try to overhaul your lifestyle in only a few days.  

Natural Horseman Saddles understands that when it comes to diet and exercise there are MANY sources for ideas, research data, suggestions and recommendations.
This article is just ONE opinion (that of the author) and we would suggest seeking a Medical Professional before embarking on any change to your diet or lifestyle.