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Let’s talk about best practices when it comes to ‘Cinching up your Nylon Latigo’ on a Western Saddle.

Firstly, a few key points to remember.

Nylon has NO “GIVE“…unlike leather strap material. Nylon latigos are the same webbing material as is used in seatbelts. It is strong enough to tow your truck to the moon, but it will not stretch. Be sure to not over-tighten your cinch no matter what latigo strap you use…but especially when it’s nylon.

Checking your cinch tightness near the buckle and also at your horse’s sternum will give you a key indicator as to what it feels like from your horse’s perspective. Don’t just guess! Use your hands and feel. Horses need to expand their chests to breathe.

Always run your hand down behind the Latigo as you tighten. This helps ensure you can gauge what your horse is feeling.

Always cinch in stages. Consider allowing your horse the courtesy to move around after a cinching and before tightening further.

The condition of your Latigo should be inspected before each ride. Nylon is easy to scrub clean…so do so if it’s clogged with old sweat and dirt. Much better than allowing it to create friction sores during your ride. If it is frayed and weakened, replace it.

After securing your main cinch, your saddle is stable in case your horse should move. It’s time to do up the rear cinch. Remember it needs to be snug, but not tight. When your horse moves, abdominal muscles will engage and tighten. Especially with our saddles (because there is so much available room for the horse’s back to lift and expand) the rear cinch will hang loose when this happens. If it is hanging by more than an inch below your horse’s belly, snugging it up a bit more will feel better to your horse and stabilize the back of the saddle comfortably. It’s worth it to take the time and effort to do so. Read why: HOW TO USE A BACK CINCH ON A WESTERN SADDLE. article.

Here is our HOW TO CINCH UP A NYLON LATIGO on a Western Saddle Video. Watch to pick up some important tips on safety, tightness, and more.


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