covid-19 message


Sadly, COVID isn’t going away as fast as we would wish…but as a team, it thrills us to have many of our talented craftspeople working again at last after considerable delays! 2020 was NOT our best year – Full disclosure!

As a result, we are working through some ‘backlog’.

That backlog comprises a range of saddles, and some specific models and requests are taking longer than usual.
This is due to labor skill availability on some of our options and models, material supply irregularities, etc.
Our saddles are each custom handcrafted with artisan care, and on average we’re suggesting a 6-month production timeframe should be expected.

We cannot guarantee this and could push beyond that.

As other custom saddle makers quote 6 months to two years wait time, we predict our 6 months is both acceptable and understandable.
Usually, in perfect conditions, we quote 3-4 months, but, right now, nothing is as it was!

It’s our fervent desire to surprise you and deliver earlier than you expect, believe us.

Meanwhile, if you have saddle fit concerns it’s a good idea to talk to us about fitting your current saddle to its fullest potential during the waiting period. Our FREE SADDLE FIT EVALUATION is a great way to improve things for you and your horse while you wait.

All indications are that demand for our saddles will continue to increase, so securing a place in the order queue would be a good idea.

Kind Regards.

Stay Safe.  Best Of Health To You And Your Horse.

Letitia Glenn (Founder) and the NHS Team.