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Smartflx Saddle Fit System

Are you a little confused about what it takes to get saddle fit SPOT ON?
Wish there was a saddle fitting guide, saddle fitting expert/genie in your pocket each time you saddle up?
Custom Fit Your Saddle With Our Help!


Don’t listen to people who say getting saddle fit right is difficult…
It’s simple, really. However, you DO need to understand a few basic principles, and of course, the right equipment helps you truly make a difference.
Oh, and most excitedly, YOU can be your own saddle fit savior! Backed by our simple to follow ‘how to’s’ and educational material – FREE!

Smartflx Saddle System

At Natural Horseman Saddles, we created our SMARTFLX SADDLE SYSTEM based on research and rider/horse feedback.
Our System allows you to custom fit your saddle.  You can improve the fit of your existing saddle with minimal outlay, or explore our unique range of English and Western saddles that work in synergy perfectly. The added bonus of our system? It can fit MULTIPLE horses because of its customizable and flexible fit design.


Here is what we include in our system.
You can invest in one element or all of it to enhance and perfect saddle comfort for your horse for a lifetime.

The System Includes :


1. Our special custom shims built to provide effective and flexible fitting options.  This is where you start when it comes to custom fitting your saddle.
Shaped including tapered slopes to nest perfectly with each other or transition smoothly along your horse’s body, molded of closed-cell specialty foam with density strong enough to provide “lift” and protection but soft and resilient for comfort. These unique shims allow the saddle to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your horse/s’ body while keeping you balanced properly.


2. A choice of saddle pads and saddle blankets from our collection built to offer dynamic, real-time adjustment along with impact deflection and comfort. We refer to the saddle pad/shim combination as THE INTERFACE: your first link between yourself and your horse’s body.


3. Our Western and English Saddles built to allow your horse to move his or her entire body freely (including models for a variety of casual recreation and high performance specialty sports).

Shim System

See now why we call it a system?

The unique principles and specifications in each of these 3 key elements can be extremely helpful to you when used alone, but most perfectly when employed together. There is simply no other SYSTEM like it.

You can keep trying to add this, adjust that, buy the latest fad, or confuse yourself with all the messaging out there…. but if you seek a complete solution, you’ll find our Saddles, Pads, Shims, and method all combine to create synergy and harmony between your horse and you.
Research-driven and equine approved.

How to put shims in Smartpad
How to put shims in Airpad

The SYSTEM is the key to our happy horses and customers.

That being said, please know we can show you how to make things better even if you don’t have one of our saddles.
Take advantage of our Free Saddle Fit Evaluation and put our specialists to work for you.

Test Ride our system (Test Rides currently avail only in the USA) and you will feel the changes you can create in a single ride. We mentioned our 2 basic saddle sizes mean you can fit ANY horse, didn’t we? Good. That’s an important money-saving tip right there!