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Create and design your very own and truly unique Signature Saddle.

Create it with the special cutting edge kind of “style” you´re looking for, while feeling safe because you are doing the best for your Horse.

Vaquero Roper

The selection of leathers you choose from

includes the finest tanned leather hides available in the world.

Each of our saddles are of finest quality, hand-made in the United States and Germany. Latest modern technology based on our proprietary “equine proven”
SMARTFLX tree concept is blended with refined traditional artwork, resulting in a saddle that is genuinely yours.
We will guide you through any choice from sophisticated simplicity to exquisitely elaborate, including master caliber leather carving and fine creations from our silversmiths and stirrup makers. You pick your own personal preference for style, color, leather, tooling pattern, silver or brass hardware and stirrups.

Countless tools and materials are exclusively made for Natural Horseman Saddles and we use only durable felt, real sheepskin wool skirt liner or suede covered memory foam on the underside of the saddle. We look forward to applying any special wishes of your choice on order to serve your desires and reach true originality for you. Every step is done completely by hand and with great attention to every detail to ensure only the very best for you and your Horse.

Vaquero Roper

Our Saddle Collection already offers a lot of choices for you to custom design your saddle. But if you want that extra feature to make a saddle truly “Yours” – we’re happy to help and bring your vision to life! A nice example of a Signature Saddles we have built is shown here. Every Saddle is a piece of art from the beginning to end. Connect with us today to design your own Signature Saddle and let us guide you through the process: We will get you a complimentary quote based on your vision and will get back to you within two weeks after carefully investigating the best offer for you including specific information about how long it will take for your saddle to be completed.