Please check out the list organizations, companies and alliances we appreciate and support:


Click on link above to visit OHA homepage to find details about their / our mission and special regular events.

Ocala Horse Alliance

We appreciate and support the efforts made by the charity organization Fleet of Angels.

Their mission is to provide low-cost transport and other such needs to ‘at-risk’ equines.
They also facilitate their rescue and adoption.
Visit for ways you can support and help this cause.

Fleets of Angels

Photonic Health has always been a part of the Natural Horseman Saddles holistic care plan
for horse and rider. Their methodologies and tools are simple yet effective.
Photonic Health – Eliminate Pain – Prevent Illness – Accelerate Healing

Photonic Health

“Works like a supplement, tastes like a treat”

Winnie’s Cookies are made from organic ingredients selected for their 22 vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids, creating a nutritional supplement.
Because the nutrition in Winnie’s Cookies is food-based, your horse’s digestive system and biochemistry can utilize 100% of the vital nutrients with complete efficiency.

Winnies Cookies

Horse + Saddle + Rider is a very important combination. Janice Dulak ensures as a rider you operate at your best for your health and that of your horse. Visit Janice’s website to learn more about her RIDERMANSHIP course, DVDs, books and more.

Janice Dulak