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We often have people looking to update/change their fenders on their Western Natural Horseman Saddles.

Sometimes, they are unaware of the length of their current fender.
This video will show you how to measure and identify what length you currently have.

This will be handy when trying to work out sizing for going UP OR DOWN in fenders or to replace your current ones correctly.Our Natural Horseman Saddle Fenders come in five sizes.

Below, you will see their measured length. Watch the video to see where they are measured to/from, along with which inseam measurements they are suited for.

XSMALL 14 3/8″ = Inseam 24”-27” = (61-58cm)
SMALL 16 3/8” = Inseam 27” to 30” (68-76.5cm)
MEDIUM 18 3/8″ = Inseam 30″ to 33″ (76.5-84cm)
LARGE 20 3/8″ = Inseam 33″ to 36″ (84-91cm)

X-LARGE 22 3/8″ = Inseam greater than 36″ (91cm)

You will need a yard stick or other type tape measure. Ideally in inches.