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Same Same, But Different.

If Dressage is your specialization, our 2 current Pro Dressage mono flap models, handmade in the UK, will carry you up the levels with a healthy, happy and connected horse.

Pro Dressage Mono Flap Saddles

Linda’s Pro Dressage and the Glenn Secret will BOTH serve you beautifully.

“My horses would not be as happy nor love to perform the way they do without this saddle. Because it is designed for the horse in motion (versus traditional saddle fit) it gives them maximum comfort and freedom, so they can use their bodies to their fullest potential. PLUS it fits every horse in my barn! All I need to do is shift shims a bit in my AirPad and I can custom fit each horse’s back!”

Linda Parelli –

“I was absolutely amazed to feel his attitude and biomechanics improve SO much from the moment I put that new saddle on! I tell people regularly this saddle was responsible for Ruby and I achieving our USDF Bronze medal and giving me true FEI body carriage at last.” 

Janice Dulak – Pilates For Dressage.

Features and benefits include:

Same seat balance build: each cradles the rider comfortably toward back edges of seat bones to access perfect dressage posture while remaining fluid to move in harmony with your horse

Same welcoming room underneath for the horse’s expanding/moving body to remain comfortable even in extremely gymnastic dressage maneuvers. Result: a superior connection between horse and rider.

Both are mono flap construction with 2 billets hung on “swingers” allowing them to auto-adjust dynamically as horse moves. We do not use “point billets”, which lock down behind the horse’s scapulae and create restrictive discomfort.

Thigh blocks are stitched in place on Linda’s Parelli model and movable on Glenn Secret model 

Both saddles are handcrafted of exquisite calfskin by Master Saddlers in UK exclusively for Natural Horseman Saddles – Using our unique tree shape and formula

If you’d like fitting help for you and your horse, please get in touch with our team, or visit the website and begin with a FREE SADDLE FIT EVALUATION. That allows us the chance to create a customized plan for you and your horse.

Visit the website for all the information you need.