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    English Leathers

    Our single and double leathers are of excellent quality and durability, with lovely, soft-but-tough leather stitched over exceptionally strong nylon lining. Our Price: $117.00  ...
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    Padded Leather Girth

    This is a fabulous all-around leather girth for our English, Dressage and Hybrid Cruiser saddle models. We believe that girths should be as comfortable for the horse as possible. Minimal contouring is preferred, too much can actually cause extreme...
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    English Sport Girth

    The SPORT GIRTH is a great alternative to our padded leather girth. It's soft, flexible and thinner than it's leather equivalent. We have been asked about this girth many times and are happy to offer some selected sizes in our clearance...
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    MDC Stirrups

    The MDC Intelligent Stirrups allows riders to put their stirrup in the exact position for optimal riding. Shock absorbing sides reduce concussion and relieve pain in ankle, knees, hips and back.  ...
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  • English Dustcover

    Keep your ENGLISH saddle safe from the elements when not in use.

    High quality, black dustcover with embroidered logo.  Available in size GP (English all purpose) and Dressage. Made in the USA  ...
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  • English Padded Carrier

    This deluxe padded carrier is a quilted case designed to house your GP or Dressage saddle (two sizes available). Perfect to protect your saddle when stored at the barn or while travelling with you. Made in the USA...
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