Light Weight Saddles

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  • Carry Me

    The CARRY ME: It's a LOT of saddle all packed into a lighter weight profile. Easy to carry and lift, yet fortified with substance and shape. Keeps your horse supported while carrying you in padded comfort. Play at any speed in the arena or on the...
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  • Carry Me Hornless

    The HORNLESS CARRY ME: Favorite of our light-weight saddles for those who prefer no horn. Same "lot of saddle" substance, easy to toss on your horse's back and handsome. Fortified with everything to keep your horse supported and comfy while carrying...
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  • Sale!

    Carry Me Hornless SPECIAL

    Happy 7th Birthday to our Hornless Carry Me! After selecting our 3 most popular colors, tooling choices and conchos, we've arranged a very special offer for you. Save $430 when you choose from these limited, yet desirable...
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  • Deep Seat Light

    The DEEP SEAT LIGHT is the sibling to our DURANGO DEEP SEAT all leather saddle but weighs less due to utilization of waxwear fabric components in fenders and skirts. Both saddles offer hip huggin', support for achieving higher,...
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  • Virtual Saddle Fit with Letitia Glenn

    No one is more familiar with the use, set up and benefits of our revolutionary saddle system and how to make certain you're confident to get full quality when using it. This system offers your horse the best possible chance to feel...
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