Breast Collar with Tooling


Beautifully handcrafted breast collar to offer a “finished” style to your well-dressed horse. Though functionally not necessary, as our saddles are built to hug a horse’s body comfortably and securely, many people love to add a breast collar to their saddle setup. Available in various colors and with choice of different tooling patterns.

Availability: This BREAST COLLAR is handcrafted for you within 6 – 12 weeks.


Lots of people love breast collars on their horses. They’re cool looking. Especially if made out of nice leather and constructed to match your saddle, they offer a “finished” style to a well dressed horse. . Though not always a functional necessity for our saddles because NHS saddles are built to hug a horse’s body comfortably and securely, there are times when a breast collar can serve you well.
For instance: If you want to do extreme riding and are concerned that your horse might drop weight, a breast collar will help keep the saddle from slipping farther back than you’d like on steep climbs…and enables you to ride with a looser cinch.

If you do not own one of our saddles and your saddle is built more narrow than your horse’s body, the saddle will tend to “perch” up higher on his body than necessary. This will make it less stable horizontally and a breast collar can help keep it from sliding dramatically to the side or under his belly in an “oh, no!” situation.

It is important that you not tighten your breast collar too much, as it will tend to pull your saddle forward over your horse’s shoulders. We set our saddle breast collar D-rings quite high so that the straps do not restrict your horse’s shoulder movement.
Your center strap “drop leg” should be loose enough to allow you to put your fist between it and the horse, but not loose enough to possibly allow your horse to catch a foot in it.
A “too loose” breast collar will slip too low over the point of the shoulder. You should be able to slide your hand underneath the “wing” straps between your horse’s body and the collar.

We offer 3 sizes of breast collars and a guide to show you where to measure your horse to gauge your best fit. Each of our sizes has a wide parameter of adjustment capacity. (see the specification sheet illustrating these dimensions). If you have an unusually large sized horse not covered in our dimensions, please let us know. Our saddle makers can customize one for you (custom fee will be required).

Our breast collars are handcrafted by our saddle makers. Their main “wings” and center “drop leg” are “doubled stitched” around the edges. The adjustment straps are single ply leather. Choose “plain” leather or decoratively “tooled” to match your saddle. All of our saddle colors are available.
Our breast collars usually come with smooth leather, if you are interested in a roughout breas collar, please email us for a custom offer.

Please note: Breast collars are not returnable!

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 15.24 × 12.7 cm

Sizing Guide

Please find our guideline on how to measure for the right breast collar size and our sizing guide among the pictures.