English Sport Girth


The SPORT GIRTH is a great alternative to our padded leather girth. It’s soft, flexible and thinner than it’s leather equivalent. We have been asked about this girth many times and are happy to offer some selected sizes in our clearance sale.

Made in the USA.

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The SPORT GIRTH is durable, comfortable and ensures easy and log time use with any English saddles.

Enables longitudinal flexibility and horizontal “grip” to facilitate the horse’s lung expansion without too much restrictive pressure.
Grips strong enough without restrictive tension, so that rider does not need to over-tighten in order to feel that saddle is secure.
Soft covered buckles to provide expansive surface area with horse’s body, while feeling comfortable and secure without being bulky to rider or horse.
Durable and will last for years.

It is easy to keep your girth clean. Always check for debris that could damage your horse’s skin.

Made in USA.

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