Flexicurve Ruler


A handy little piece of equipment to keep around. Use it to measure your Horse for gullet size or compare the size of your saddle to the shape of your Horses back.
We recommend using a Flexicurve Ruler when doing a saddle fit evaluation.

NOTE: You might get a better deal when ordering your Flexicurve Ruler on Amazon, etc., we just want to make sure we have all tools available for you as well.
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Need to measure your horse for our Free Saddle Fit Evaluation?
The Flexicurve Ruler makes the job easy!

It is light and soft – making for easy placement on your horse
Flexes & moldes to imitate size/contours
Maintains shape for easy tracing onto paper/cardboard

*Measurements are in cm and inches
*Handy for other uses around the home/office
*Colours may vary

The Flexicurve is also great to help investigate and compare the width of your current saddle versus that of your horse. (See our pic on how to see if your saddle is wide enough on this page)

Need more help?
-Check out our HOW TO Video below showing the 3 key measurements you will need to establish if your horse is best suited for a superwide or standard Natural Horseman Saddle.

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