Our original revolutionary shape and thickness, tapered on both ends with thicker section in the middle, designed to aid recovery and rebuilding of back muscles. Can be creatively used as a corrective tool in many ways including overlap blending with other shims. Engineered with the perfect balance of “support” and “squish,” creating clearance and/or contouring as needed for customized fit. Fabulous help for a less-than-ideal saddle or to enhance your good saddle’s function. Sold as a pair. Also available in Thin version.

Shims always come in a SET (NOTE: no left and right).


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Best value in combination with  VERSAFIT SADDLE PADS and SMARTFLEX™ Saddles Trees. SMARTPADS and AIRPADS have easy-access shaped shim pockets designed to house them.
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Dimensions 36 × 17.78 × 5.08 cm

Sizing Guide

The ORIGINAL CENTER SHIMS are 5/8″ thick in the center, tapering to 0 on each end.