Thin Shim Package


Bundle and save!

Our revolutionary shapes, now available in half-thickness for those times when less-is-more. One pair each – Shoulder, Long Center, and Rear Shims. Essential tools for shoulder clearance, center support, and/or lifting the rear of the saddle. All shims taper gradually to blend smoothly even if overlapped. Engineered with the perfect balance of “support” and “squish.” Thin profiles allow for micro-tailored customized fit. Save on this set of three pairs! (NOTE: no left and right) Also available in Original Full thickness.

There are 3 styles of tapered foam shims:

  • Thin Shoulder Shims
  • Thin Long Center Shims
  • Thin Rear Shims

When you buy all 3 styles, you save! Simple!



Best value in combination with  VERSAFIT SADDLE PADS and SMARTFLEX™ Saddles Trees. SMARTPADS and AIRPADS have easy-access shaped shim pockets designed to house them.
If you need assistance to make sure you use your SHIMS correctly, please contact [email protected]
We are happy to help you.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 18 cm

Sizing Guide

The NEW THIN TF SHOULDER SHIMS are 1/4″ thick in front, tapering to 0 toward the rear.

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