Virtual Saddle Fit With Letitia Glenn

From $200.00

No one is more familiar with the use, set up and benefits of our revolutionary saddle system and how to make certain you’re confident to get full quality when using it. This system offers your horse the best possible chance to feel comfortable while carrying you. It offers YOU balanced comfort while atop the most rhythmic strides possible for your ride.

For the first time, Letitia is available to EVERYONE digitally across the globe to ensure you know how to do the best for your horse no matter what saddle equipment you use. If you’re not ready to purchase a new saddle, don’t worry. She can help.

Have your horse personally assessed. Powered by your smart phone and Zoom.

  • ONE on ONE with Letitia Glenn (founder and developer)
  • Assessment of horse posture and muscling needs as relates to saddle fit
  • Assessment of current equipment set up
  • Shimming advice / adjustment to better fit current equipment
  • Recommendations and shimming prescription for best fit of new or test ride equipment
  • Observation of test ride if desired and fit adjustment if necessary for higher quality
One 60 Minute Digital session via ZOOM. Expansion possible if needed.
*Other platforms available if/where needed*
Availability: Within 24 – 48 hours you will receive confirmation of one of your preferred times or we’ll ask you for/offer alternative suggestions.


Watch this video to hear more about our Virtual Saddle Fit from Letitia Glenn