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Let’s Explore Light Therapy
Familiar to many of us, but a whole new world to others. 


Anything giving us the confidence we’re helping our horses live a pain-free life is worth exploring right?

We agree it looks a little like you’ve brought ‘Star Wars’ to the barn when you switch on its powerful beam of light, but it doesn’t destroy like a lightsaberit heals!  




We could discuss the ‘science’ behind it all in great detail, with words like ‘mitochondria’ and ‘proteins’ and ‘chemical changes’… but…the answer in the most simplistic form is that the wavelength of the light is penetrating the skin and affecting the skin cells. The cells take in the energy of the light which tells them it is time to divide. Each time a cell splits from this increased energy, the new cells emerge and replace the old, damaged cells.

There is a multitude of scientific research on how light therapy works.  If you’re curious to know more details, be sure to read this article on the benefits and science behind light therapy and get up to speed on the proof behind how Photonic Health light therapy works to help our animals heal faster, stay healthier and live longer.




Regardless of your level of familiarity, the key message for any horse owner is: you can decrease your horse’s pain levels – by yourself!  

DIY pain relief for your horse is a positive reality!  Just as Natural Horseman Saddles wants to educate and empower you to feel confident in your own saddle fit, Photonic Health gives you tools and methodology to be in control of your horse’s pain management, prevention, and general well-being.





Based in Ocala, Florida, Photonic Health has been a trusted source of advice and pain management for several of the Natural Horseman Saddles team and their horses for many years.
We wanted to share with you what we use, along with our proven riding equipment, to keep our horses in tip-top shape.  As we always say, there are many facets to creating a healthy, comfortable riding horse that includes equine dentists, vets, nutritionists, farriers & trimmers, saddle fitters/saddles and of course bodyworkers.

Bryan Owen and Donna Woods from Photonic Health have developed many online/self-guided & in-person courses, books and products to help you become somewhat of an expert in the management of your horse’s comfort and health.  More than just teaching you about treatments, they coach you to identify symptoms of equine pain.  To fix it, you first need to know it exists!



The BODY BALANCE PROTOCOL has proven to be an effective and easy system for people to use for whole body wellness for their horses. 
As a course designed for use with the Photonic Health PAIN-FREE PAD SYSTEM or HANDHELD LIGHTS (simply select the course relevant to your light therapy tool) everyone can reduce treatment time to just 20 minutes, two to three times a week.

How easy is that?

NHS’ Letitia Glenn caught up with Bryan in Ocala to talk about the BODY BALANCE PROTOCOL and what it can do for people’s horses.  Be sure to watch!

Here are the top things you need to know about the BODY BALANCE PROTOCOL’.

  • The Photonic Health 6-Part Body Balance Protocol combines light therapy, acupoints, myofascial release, and muscle release techniques to get your horse out of pain and rebalance its entire body. 
  • Reduces pain by stimulating the production of natural pain killer endorphins
  • Reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, pain, and heat.
  • Enhances the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes 
  • Speeds up lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation and speeds healing 
  • Stimulates the release of helpful healing enzymes
  • Releases tight muscles (both smooth and striated) that create chronic pain, joint problems, and decreased mobility
  • It’s quick and easy and helps your horse move better, feel better, and perform at their best. 

As a special offer for our Natural Horseman Saddles community, Photonic Health is offering 20% off their Body Balance Protocol Course.  

Use the code NHSBBP20 at checkout.  


Available on desktop or mobile (so you can take it with you!)
Find it on both  Google Play:  or Apple: 

In the Body Balance Protocol you will learn:

  • -Common pain symptoms in your horse
  • -How to perform a Pain Assessment
  • -The importance and function of the Hyoid Bone and how to balance it
  • -The 20 minute Body Balance Protocol to relieve pain and balance your horse
  • -Stretches to increase the effectiveness of the Body Balance Protocol
  • -Therapeutic horse handling and much, much more! 


So take advantage of 20% off the Photonic Health Body Balance Protocol Course.  

Use the code NHSBBP20 at checkout.