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Maximizing Comfort and Performance for Your Horse in Motion


No matter what our breed or style of riding, we all want our horses to be as comfortable as possible and to reach their full performance potential.  The revolutionary VersaFit System brings comfort and performance to the next level, giving you confidence to know you’re doing the best for your horse with the saddle you have.


Your horse is not a statue.  The moment he takes a step in any direction, his back and shoulders become an ever-changing series of dynamic shapes.  If your saddle impedes that natural motion, your horse will have to compensate somewhere else in his body– and that has a negative impact on his overall movement, long-term health and soundness.  It’s important for your saddle to welcome your horse’s moving back without pain or restriction, and our VersaFit Pad & Shim System makes that possible.


Shoulder motion without restriction is the first requirement for good saddle fit.  This means having enough clearance for the muscles that power the scapula bone.  If these muscles are pressed or pinched too hard with each stride your horse takes, both comfort and performance will suffer. We’ll show you how to make sure this never happens!


Another requirement for good fit is space allowance for the lifting back.  When your moving horse engages his hindquarters and abdominals, his topline will lift and expand. We need to make sure the saddle is not preventing him from using his back in this important way.


Sometimes we have to make-do with the saddle we have now, even if it’s less than ideal.  If your current saddle isn’t “just right” for your horse, our VersaFit Pad & Shim System can make a tremendous difference in your horse’s comfort and performance…transforming the quality of your rides.

(PS – When the time comes and you are ready to look for a new saddle, check out ours here:  Western   English)


And if your saddle currently is a good fit for your horse, our System can make it truly great. Professional and amateur riders around the world have been amazed to feel the real difference that just a little bit of fine-tuning can make.