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If you want to help your saddle last for a lifetime, follow our recommended care steps.


In order to keep your saddle soft and supple, you will want to put it on a cleaning schedule. You have a lot invested in your tack, take time to properly care for it. For a dirty saddle it is recommended to use Leather Therapy Wash or Castile Soap and a damp cloth. Use this on a small inconspicuous area first to get a feel for the amount to apply and the distance you want to choose. Spray or wipe your saddle including the backside of your fenders as these can be especially dirty. You may have to rinse or get a new cloth depending on the amount of dirt on your saddle.


Conditioning is an important process in maintaining the life of your saddle. If you are in a dry climate or ride in the rain, you will want to condition your saddle often. Take time to use a leather conditioner that contains no synthetics. We use Tack Butter, Leather Therapy Conditioner or Fiebings Pure Neatsfoot Oil. While applying conditioner to your saddle, this is the best time to carefully inspect all your parts and pieces that keep your saddle alive. Be aware of any loose parts or damages that may have occurred during use of your saddle. Apply a coat of Leather conditioner to all leather parts of your saddle, front and backside. If you find your saddle soaks up the conditioner quickly, try applying another coat. If any conditioning product is not absorbing, just wipe it off with a dry cloth. For very tight and hard to reach places, try using a small soft paint brush. Dab the ends in your conditioner and apply in those hard to get spots. If you are an arena rider or do not ride that often and only in nice weather you may not have to condition your saddle as often.

Storing Tack

Your saddle should be stored on a commercial or handmade saddle stand in a dry, if possible climate controlled room. We recommend using a fleece wrap for your saddle stand. This will help prevent your saddle from getting pressure points from the metal bars of the saddle stand. It´s also highly recommended you make sure your saddle is always sitting straight. Always cover your saddle to keep it free from dust. Dust is actually sharp and very harmful to your leather. Try not to stack your saddles, this can cause unwanted dents in the leather, suede and wool flocking. When traveling we recommend that you lay your saddle in a padded carrier or on a clean blanket on its side.