Saddle Warranty

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NATURAL HORSEMAN SADDLES are handcrafted utilizing our revolutionary
SMARTFLX TM trees. They are fully guaranteed to be free of defects in
workmanship and materials for 10 years from the original purchase date
from NATURAL HORSEMAN SADDLES and valid only to the new saddle owner

Warranties are only valid when the saddle has been used in accordance with the particular model’s intended purpose.
Things that may also affect your warranty are incorrect storage and or improper care.
Any saddle presented for warranty replacement/repair will be assessed on a case by case basis to
determine cause/origin of the fault in question. Natural Horseman Saddles has, at its sole discretion,
the option to repair defects or to replace the saddle as we deem fit. Shipping costs (or any taxes) to and from the
factory for repairs, not included unless fault has been claimed by Natural Horseman Saddles in which case shipping costs will be refunded/paid.

NATURAL HORSEMAN SADDLES are known for their rugged durability and beauty as well as their unique function.
However, the 10 year Guarantee does not cover service parts attached such as tie-strings, latigos, rear rigging billets,
cinch, fenders, hobble straps, stirrups, conchos, seat covering, underside fleece, suede or felt due to the variable amounts
of wear and tear that stress these items during use.

If applicable to your saddle model, all leather saddle body
parts including seat, jockeys and skirts will be warrantied for 2 years if used in accordance with care/storage instructions.
Responsible care of your saddle and all attached parts will assure many years of fine service beyond the warranty expiration date.

*If your saddle contains NON LEATHER components such as WAX WEAR, we will warranty these items also for a period of 2 years.

Customers who want to return any NHS or Parelli Saddles merchandise are asked to contact us prior to sending the item to our warehouse. We will issue to the customer a return of merchandise authorization (RMA). This let’s us know how to handle and process the returned item. Please be certain to include your RMA number on the outside of your package to us, as well as included within your order.

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