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VersaFit™ – How to start



The first priority in setting up a saddle is to provide room for the horse’s shoulders to move freely. Except in rare circumstances, saddles with no shims cannot offer this. So let’s review shoulder function and Shim placement to insure you’ve got it right for your horse.

Scapula rotation closeup
Standing scapula back edge mark
Locate maximum backswing point of scapula
LEVEL HORSE w good muscle Scap Marks
UPHILL HORSE w good muscle Shoulder Shims
LEVEL HORSE w good muscle Correct Primary shim

If you want to keep it simple:
Check out our easy 4Bs Shim Placement Guide

4 Bs Shim Placement

Our unique selection of VERSAFITSHIMS help you customize your saddle fit:

Versafit Shims

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