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It’s a saddle built on our exclusive SMARTFLX foundation to take care of a horse like we know how to do, yet offering creative “look and feel” freedom to meet the rider’s desires.

It can be as unique and interesting as you might wish: sport-specific yet versatile for your pursuits… Tooling to match your personality… Branded carving… A nameplate… Special horn and genre style… If you can dream it… We can build it.

A Signature Saddle is a saddle designed BY YOU for YOU… A ONE OF A KIND.

Eight years ago, David Ellis, a well known California Vaquero Style Horseman from LS Ranch, asked Natural Horseman Saddles to create the saddle of his dreams. It features a traditional Visalia appearance while providing the freedom and balance for which Natural Horseman Saddles are renowned.

Watch our video to hear Dave explain how we went about capturing the essence of

traditional Visalia features and what elements are unique to his saddle. The resulting combination thrilled Dave beyond his expectations.


Learn more about David and Jody Ellis’ LS Ranch and how you can have huge fun expanding your horsemanship skills with them on a working ranch.

To find out more about SIGNATURE SADDLES and how you could have a personal design coordinated by Letitia Glenn (Our chief saddle designer and co-founder) visit the website