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Our saddles are trusted by more than 10,000 riders in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In fact, more than 25% of our customers own more than one of our saddles because they have several Horses or choose various disciplines. We encourage you to see what others say about us.

Signature Roper David E

…it fits all my horses, has a wonderful deep seat...this is one of those saddles that you can be IN instead of ON, whether doing ranch work, roping or western dressage maneuvers (which I am enjoying a lot these days). Every time I have more horses to ride and find myself in one of the old saddles I used to think I loved, I am always happy to get back to this one! And my horses are happier, to be sure! I absolutely love the customized California styling and workmanship that you put into this saddle to suit me. I’m proud to have my LS brand on it.

Dave E. – United States | Signature Ranch Roper

“After many saddle purchases, incl. supposed custom fitted ones $$$$, the HYBRID CRUISER was the first saddle that fit! I have a 14'3 Arab, and now her shoulders are free!"

Donna V. – United States | Hybrid Cruiser

Hybrid Cruiser front view
Ranch Roper medium oil

The Ranch Roper combined with the Smartpad is the absolute BEST investment that I’ve made for my horses. If our horses could speak, they’d probably say “thank you” Natural Horseman Saddles! If you’re serious about purchasing an investment-grade working western saddle that’s extremely comfortable for both you and your horse, the Ranch Roper should be at the top of your shortlist! 5 Stars

Jeff S. – United States | Ranch Roper

WOW!! She responded to my body cues better than ever, I felt right where I should be, balanced and all. The way she moves freely is ... well it does not feel like she's got a saddle on, but she even moves better than with the bareback pad on (now I think that's because my balance is crap on the pad and I get in her way)... I am beyond happy! Super excited, can't wait to keep going!!

Donnatienne P. – United Kingdom | Natural Performer

Natural Performer black
Natural Performer

Die ersten Tage in meinem brandneuen Natural Performer waren mehr als ungewohnt, da ich jahrelang nur baumlos geritten bin. Mein Sitz ist stabiler und mein Balance Punkt hat sich verschoben. Bei den lateralen Manövern sitze ich viel fester im Sattel. Meinem Pferd scheint der neue Sattel auch besser zu gefallen, da er mit dem baumlosen Sattel nie mehrere Runden leicht getrabt ist. 5 Schritte und er ist wieder durch pariert. Heute hat erstellenweise versucht seinen Rücken hoch zu drücken...... In meinem baumlosen Sattel hatte ich bei Wanderritten immer Knie - und Rückenschmerzen. Bei dem Performer überhaupt nicht. Der Sattel war super angenehm bei diesem langen Ritt. Ich fühle mich viel sicherer und komfortabler mit dem Sattel. Das Rutschproblem hat sich nun auch geklärt. 3x nachgurten, wie Parellies auch immer empfiehlt und du sitzt wie festgeklebt. Nichts wackelt mehr. Laterale Manöver ist ein Traum durch diesen gut sitzenden Sattel. Das Beste ist jedoch das Galoppieren. Durch den Balance Point, den ich jetzt gefunden habe, sitze ich weiter hinten und gebe die Schulter meines Pferdes frei, so dass er unter mir heraus angaloppiert und dabei von selbst den Kopf runter nimmt um den Rücken hoch zu drücken. Wie viele Leute binden ihre Pferde aus,um diesen Effekt zu erlangen? Bei meinem Pferd geht es ganz natürlich und er hat richtig Spaß dabei.

Doris G. – Germany | Natural Performer

Easy Rider mahagony

I love my Easy Rider, I give it thumbs up 5 plus. My horse moves very well in it and it's comfortable. We both appreciate it.

Judy W. – United States | Easy Rider

I got an opportunity to ride a Ranch Roper and I was blown away by the shoulder clearance and the development of the balance point. My Horse felt like he could turn on a dime walk trot, and most of all canter. The saddle seat felt as if it was really a help to my spine staying flexible and round. I noticed right away that my Horses extension increased 2” to the point were his front and hind legs were “tracking up”. That was amazing after 5 minutes of riding. We played with role backs, and he was able to put more effort into them without me encouraging because his shoulders were free. Then we worked about three cows, I noticed immediately my Horse was hunting the cow with more feel. I thought to myself “this is pretty cool!”. We played with boxing a cow and going down the fence, my Horse never stopped so hard and turned! I told Jay “I´m getting the Roper!!. I have a very good wade roper from a saddle maker that is in the hall of fame, but your saddles are a huge step up in performance and technology.

Cris Cook – United States | Ranch Roper

Ranch Roper dark brown
Smartpad western

"You have the FASTEST shipping... WOW I received my Smart Pad and my Cinch the day before I was leaving for a clinic... only two days after you sent it... I was SO impressed…”

Tirzah H, – United States | Smart Pad

O my goodness! such a PERFECT fit! and so much fun for our first ride last night. Thank you please pass on my deep thanks and appreciation to the saddle makers this is a dream come true. All that yogurt, scrambled eggs and 12 hour days paid off in the joy I felt last night. 5 Stars

Carla B. – United Kingdom | Carry Me

Carry Me dark brown
Carry Me hornless black

I just received my saddle before Christmas!! Could not ask for a more perfect gift . This saddle fits my horse like a glove. If I didn't know better I'd say it was custom made for him. Puts you on your balance points, I can feel my sits bones with every move of my horse. Very comfy for me and him. Love the lightness as tennis elbow a big problem now. Thank you for making this saddle. I really am in love:-)) Ranking: 5 Stars

Michele M. – United States | Carry Me