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Revolutionary Saddle Pad & Shim System
Delivers Your Best Possible Saddle Fit

The moment your horse takes a step his back is changing from stride to stride. Your saddle must be enabled to welcome those dynamic shapes. What happens in the space between the saddle and your horse’s back can make all the difference.┬áVersaFit’s state of the art materials and methods create a custom-contoured perfect fit for your horse in motion.

Whether you need to fix a less-than-ideal saddle or want to make a good saddle great, our system gives your horse the comfort and freedom of movement to maximize his performance potential and yours.

Best of all – you can do this yourself! It’s easier than you think, we’ll walk through the simple steps.


What VersaFit advanced technology can do:

  • Instantly improve comfort and freedom of movement
  • Absorb shock and eliminate focal point pressure
  • Adapt and fine tune fit as muscles develop
  • Compensate for asymmetries
  • Promote therapeutic redevelopment of damaged tissue
  • Protect and connect without bulk
  • Accommodate multiple horse shapes with one saddle
  • Adjust saddle and rider balance
  • Cool with evaporative wicking
  • Easy clean, quick dry tech fabric

The VersaFit Product Line