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Why Rethink Saddle Fit™ ?

Over twenty years ago my eyes were opened to the problems and pain that I and so many other riders unknowingly inflicted on our horses. Of course I wanted to give my horse the very best – ordered an expensive “custom made, custom fitted” saddle for him. Though it might have seemed to “fit” him when he was standing still, it was unfortunately so very obvious he did not feel comfortable moving in it. And if he didn’t feel good in his body, there was no way he could reach his full potential nor be tuned in with me as much as I’d hoped.

Fast-forward to today, it has been our privilege to share the key principles we’ve learned to fit the horse in motion. Providing education, tools and techniques to help you and your horse discover your best possible saddle fit is the joy of my life. My talented Teammates and I will dedicate ourselves to your wellbeing in this sphere. Our ideas may seem contrary to some long-held saddlery traditions… yet literally thousands and thousands of horses and riders have discovered this path to maximizing comfort and performance.

If you’re ready to look for a saddle specifically designed to welcome your horse’s back in motion – Journey on HERE.

If you’re looking for solutions to make your current saddle the best it can be for your horse – Journey on HERE.

Either way, we are absolutely delighted you’re pursuing the very best for your riding partner, and thank you for daring to “Re-Think Saddle Fit”!

With Love,

Letitia and the Contour Saddlery Team

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