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Some western saddles have an ‘offside’ billet. Some have a ‘double latigo’. Let’s explore the differences and what it means for you and your horse.


What is an Offside Billet rigging set up?

A ‘billet’ (fairly short strap with holes) will be attached to your saddle’s front ‘rigging’ (mechanism for securing your saddle on your horse via the main cinch) on the ‘off’ side (non-mounting side) of your saddle. The other side of the saddle will have a long leather strap called a ‘Latigo’ which needs to be ‘tied/fixed/done up’ on the ‘near’ side.


western saddle offside rig.jpg

An offside billet has limited range of adjustment and can create an uneven tension on your horse’s body.


Why use a Double Latigo Rigging System over an Offside Billet?

Natural Horseman Saddles, Exclusive Providers of Parelli Saddles, have double latigos. Having the ability to tie up a latigo on each side means you can adjust each strap equally to create a lovely even pressure for your horse’s sake. It not only feels better, it results in a better balanced and more stable saddle. Who among us would like to wear a lop-sided tension strap around our sternum?!


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Check out our quick video with Letitia Glenn of Natural Horseman Saddles explaining this concept.