A must-have in every tack room. The ORIGINAL TF SHOULDER SHIMS are designed to lift the front of the saddle off your Horse’s working shoulders, essential for healthy travelling.
Shims always come in a SET (NOTE: no left and right).

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Once you feel how much better your horse can travel under you when you tuck just one of our TAPERED FOAM SHIMS into each side of your saddle pad, you’ll know why we recommend never riding without them! Our research has yielded evidence of this conclusively for more than 15 years. The shape and consistency of our soft-but-resilient closed cell FOAM SHIMS has proven to facilitate the re-development of damaged muscle as well as the efficient use of healthy tissue. The thicker portion of each SHIM provides the “lifting” power to keep saddle pressure off the working shoulders and custom-connect the horse better with the saddle where needed, while the tapered portion transitions into the horse’s body so that the connection feels smooth.

The ORIGINAL TF SHOULDER SHIMS are designed to lift the front of your saddle off your Horse’s working shoulders. Alternatively, you can use them as a teammate with our NEW THIN TF SHOULDER SHIMS to add bit of extra lift if a downhill horse needs more to keep the weight of the saddle and rider off the working shoulders by balancing the rider better. This helps keep excess weight off the horse’s forehand, which is essential for healthy travel.

If you need assistance to make sure you use your SHIMS correctly, please contact saddles@naturalhorsemansaddles.com
We are happy to help you.

Best value in combination with SMARTSADDLEPADS and SMARTFLX ™ Saddles Trees.
and AIRPADS have easy-access shaped shim pockets designed to house them.


The best place to position your SHIMS is set back from the front of the SMARTPAD or AIRPAD SHIM pocket so the front of the SHIM (thick part) is at or close to the Horse’s shoulder blade’s maximum backswing point and the rear portion of the shim tapers to transition smoothly along your Horse’s body. If used as a teammate with our NEW THIN TF SHOULDER SHIMS, the thick one would be at the scapula’s maximum backswing point, and the thin one would be on top and cantilevered a couple of inches forward of the thick one, so that it helps lift the saddle while the thick one lifts the thin one out of the way and the horse’s shoulder can swing underneath in the space provided.

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The ORIGINAL TF SHOULDER SHIMS are 5/8″ thick in front, tapering to 0 toward the rear.