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Our saddles are made like no others. From the inside out, they’re designed for the horse’s moving back. The result delivers superior comfort for your  horse – in a gorgeous hand crafted package. 10,000 happy horses can’t be wrong. Which one do you want?


All of our saddles have a full range of custom options. If you don’t see exactly what you want here, reach out to our saddle experts.

Our customers tell us consistently they’re amazed at how versatile our saddles are. “It fits every horse in my barn!” is frequent feedback.
Our extensive research, product design principles, easily adjustable saddle system (saddle, pad & shims), and the education and support we provide, empowers horse owners to do their own saddle fitting assessment and alteration for each of their horses.

Saddle Fit has long been the forgotten ingredient in performance. Without a saddle allowing for a full range of motion, adaptability, good rider support and balance, you’re basically eliminating the opportunity for your horse to excel. Worse still. We’ve engineered our saddles and customizing interface to provide just the right amount of dynamic tolerance, allowing your horse to use his back as nature intended.

When a horse is wearing an ill-fitting saddle they experience, pushing/pinching/prodding. The rider’s weight, bearing down on uneven areas of the horse causes pressure and disharmony. They ‘trap’ the shoulders and back. The result? Discomfort and pain for your horse. Even anxiety!
Imagine if with just a change of saddle you could free their bodies AND their minds. Now that would be ride changing for everyone involved.

When you ride a saddle that offers you comfort, balance and support, you suddenly become the rider your horse needs you to be. Our range of western saddles are built with the horse AND rider in mind. From lightweight to deep seats, we have something to enhance whatever style riding you do. Feel safe and comfortable in every situation and maximise your potential as a rider.



Our saddles have improved the lives of professional and recreational riders and horses all over the world.

Perhaps like you, they had each been down a long road of trial and error prior to finding us.

It’s easy to get started!
It’s easy to have custom fit for the rest of your riding days!

We’ve done your research for you. Try it and see why people say things like this:


NHS Western saddles come in many ways and styles. Find the one for you.


Check out our lookbooks with inspiration slideshows and info on our most popular models.

We have collected pictures of some of the most beautiful saddles we ever made for you. A variety of colors, toolings, designs and features.

Some of the shown selections will be available on our product pages, others were signature saddles we designed by the dreams and wishes of our customers.

Make sure to ask us about any special features you like or share your special ideas with our signature saddle specialists – we’d love to make your dream saddle come true!



  • Signature Saddle

    CREATE YOUR OWN - ALL YOU WANT, DESIGNED BY YOU! Create and design your very own and truly unique Signature Saddle. Create it with the special cutting edge kind of "style" you´re looking for, while feeling safe...
  • Australian Halfbreed Sport

    The AUSTRALIAN HALFBREED SPORT is a terrific little trail and sports saddle! Designed as a modern adaptation of a popular Downunder profile, it delivers great security despite its minimal body size. Incorporating our SMARTFLX foundation with...
  • Carry Me

    The CARRY ME is a LOT of saddle all packed into a lighter weight profile. Easy to carry and lift, yet fortified with substance and shape. Keeps your horse supported while carrying you in padded comfort. Play at any speed in the arena or on...
  • Carry Me Hornless

    The HORNLESS CARRY ME: Favorite of our light-weight saddles for those who prefer no horn. Same "lot of saddle" substance, easy to toss on your horse's back and handsome. Fortified with everything to keep your horse supported and comfy while...
  • Deep Seat Light

    The DEEP SEAT LIGHT is the sibling to our DURANGO DEEP SEAT all leather saddle but weighs less due to utilization of waxwear fabric components in fenders and skirts. Both saddles offer hip huggin', support for achieving higher,...
  • Durango Deep Seat

    The DURANGO DEEP SEAT was conceived after customers requested a hip huggin', deep seated saddle to support their dreams of achieving higher, faster, boundary-pushing pursuits. A secure saddle cradling your balance point for sharp turns,...
  • Easy Rider

    The EASY RIDER is a great trail saddle with a sporty modern profile. Holds rider balanced securely via a nice, deep padded seat pocket. Rear rigging hangs from crescent shaped slot in the single layer skirts. It's a handsome, versatile, less...
  • Hybrid Cruiser

    The HYBRID CRUISER is a great "english style" saddle based on the western SMARTFLX™ tree, excellent for trail rides and long hours in the saddle! Thousands of people and horses tell us they like the feel and they can go forever...
  • Natural Performer

    The NATURAL PERFORMER - The great all-rounder! Perfect for any student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship… This western saddle offers versatility and comfort along with rider safety. Features of paramount importance to Pat Parelli when...
  • Letitia Wade

    If you love Ranch Versatility, Working Equitation, general Ranch Work or just enjoy riding a handsome lighter western saddle, the LETITIA WADE will fit your lifestyle. Built around our equine approved SMARTFLX foundation, this design has a...
  • Ranch Roper

    The RANCH ROPER is a "buckaroo style" saddle built for rugged work with a classic cowboy look. Its broad, flat roping horn, heavy-duty fork, buck rolls and deep seat are designed for maximum comfort during long hours in the saddle handling...
  • Pat’s Ranch Roper

    For roping and ranching, a saddle needs to be comfortable, functional and take care of horses hard at work for long hours. Pat Parelli designed this RANCH ROPER with these needs in mind with an eye for beauty.
    You'll find Pat...
  • Ranch Versatility

    Our RANCH VERSATILITY is a sturdy, secure, hard-working, cool-looking tool for a variety of out on-the-range ranch chores or livestock work. It has a deep seat and a fork without buck rolls. Southwest style roping horn is tall enough to use...
  • Reiner

    The REINER is a "two thumbs up" sport-specific saddle built to put the rider in a close-contact seat accommodating highly athletic performance patterns, spins and slide stops. Its skirts are styled and feature cutouts up under fenders,...
  • Western Dressage

    Our WESTERN DRESSAGE is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to pursue training or competition in Dressage-oriented Western sports: Cowboy Dressage or Western Dressage. This saddle offers easy access to vertical posture alignment, and is...
  • Western Freedom

    The WESTERN FREEDOM saddle is for those with high level horsemanship goals, competition ambitions or simply looking for a relaxing trail ride. A traditional western profile designed with noninvasive rear skirts and a secure seat pocket....
  • Virtual Saddle Fit with Letitia Glenn

    No one is more familiar with the use, set up and benefits of our revolutionary saddle system and how to make certain you're confident to get full quality when using it. This system offers your horse the best possible chance to feel...