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After years of dedicated research and innovation, we’re excited to unveil our latest English saddles. They take care of horses’ comfort and performance like no others, as always.

But the big news is this:

We’ve succeeded in providing a narrower twist for riders who crave extremely easy leg drape and close communication with their horses’ bodies. As with all of our saddles, riders continue to express surprise and gratitude for the versatility of these saddles fitting a wider variety of horse’s back shapes than traditional saddles.

Introducing the Glenn Pro Dressage Elite and Glenn Pro Dressage Classica — each meticulously hand crafted by our Master Saddlers in England. They’re designed to enhance the riding experience with exceptional balance, security and support for both horse and rider biomechanics.

Choose Your Dressage Style:
🔹 Glenn Elite: For balanced freedom like never before with our open-seat design.
🔹 Glenn Classica: Enjoy a timeless ride with deep, cradling comfort. Available in Monoflap, Dual Flap is possible for either style upon request.

Our Jump/Eventer will be available in Monoflap or Dual Flap. Riders tell us their horses feel like they’re on “happy springs” when they launch so powerfully over high bars!

Engineered for unparalleled comfort, stability, and performance, all models (teamed with our VersaFit interface system, of course) promise to transform your ride. We’re confident you—and your horse—will notice the exceptional difference and up-leveled quality of your experience!

Glenn Saddles Classica and Elite

My horse Famosa and I loved the Glenn Dressage saddle. Famosa doesn’t naturally have a lot of movement and elevation can be hard to achieve. Especially when ridden it can be hard for her to be freely forward while moving in a frame. With the Glenn Secret saddle she felt room to bring herself up more which is very hard in other saddles and usually takes me a long warm up time until I have a similar feeling.
I liked the position that the saddle puts the rider in and I still had freedom to move and didn’t feel like I was trapped neither, even with the dressage blocks in front of my knees. It was a pleasure to ride the saddle and a big thank you to the Contour Saddlery Team to allow me to test ride it.

Livia Glaser2 Star Licensed Parelli Instructor & Active Competitor in Working Equitation

I got so fed up with readjusting saddles every 6 months and besides, my horse wasn't really developing his body as he needed to move up to 4th level. When I tried the Glenn Pro Dressage saddle, my horse was just so happy! He could move, his withers could come up and his chiropractor...after about a year of training in it, was flabbergasted his back was as broad and strong as her draft horses!!! I can't say enough good about these saddles.

Janice DulakCreator of Pilates for Dressage®

Glenn English Saddles & Accessories