So your horse can move as Nature intended.

We’ve been rethinking saddle fit since 2001.

This small but growing collection of fine English saddles has been created with the horse in mind first.  From the start, it has mattered to us to provide equipment that feels really good to the horses we choose to ride. We want it to “hug” their bodies welcomingly when they move…not perch upon them, squeeze nor poke painfully.

Our quest to seat riders comfortably in saddles wide enough to welcome unrestricted movement of their horses actually proved to be the bigger challenge in the beginning. Building the “twist” narrow enough to keep riders postured for their chosen sport maneuvers required more tweaking and prototype testing after the horses gave us their approval.

At last, we’ve done it. Riders who treasure our saddles tell us their horses move more powerfully and rhythmically yet effortlessly compared to even custom made saddles of their past. Those who choose to pursue competitive goals report higher level achievements than they’ve been able to accomplish in the past.

We’ll take that and press onward!  Watch for more Glenn Saddles coming soon from our Master Saddlers in England. They’re exquisitely made, of course…but pretty is as pretty does. We’re happy when the horses as well as the riders tell us they’re happy!

Mele and Courtney CROP canter copy

Glenn English Saddles