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BEFORE & AFTERS. They’re used in a lot of industries to show ‘change and benefit’. The weight loss industry is most commonly known for them.
They display images of their clients PRE their help, then POST to show the effectiveness of their programs, products and pills.

When you see them, what effect does it have on you?

Are you skeptical? Thinking “Come on… Was that really 2 months later?”

Do you get excited? Thinking “Oh wow… That could be me!”

Do you feel a little hopeless? Thinking “I’ll bet I wouldn’t have those results”.

There is good reason before and after-images are powerful. They show visible contrast over a period of time. Here at Natural Horseman Saddles, we usually use Before and After footage and images a little differently.

Our Before and After footage is most often taken on the SAME DAY with the SAME HORSE and the SAME RIDER. Yes. The changes we show are practically INSTANTANEOUS – which is even more powerful.

Check out this recent example. Note that “before” in her normal saddle, horse looks tense, inverted and hard working…and “after”, she looks rhythmic, relaxed and comfortable. If you’d like to see how one of our saddles could provide instant changes for your horse, try a TEST RIDE (if you’re in the USA). Feel the positive benefits for both of your bodies! Even MORE believable!

Natural Horseman Saddles – Instant Change, Lasting Performance #rethinksaddlefit

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