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There may come a time when you need to work out what length western fenders are on your saddle.
You may need to replace worn fenders or need to purchase a different size.

We’ve pulled together a short HOW TO video on where to place your yardstick or measuring tape to work out which you currently have.

Our Natural Horseman Saddle Fenders come in five sizes.
Below, you will see their measured lengths *watch the video to see where they are measured to/from*, along with which inseam measurements they are suited for.

  • XSMALL 14 3/8″ = Inseam 24”-27” = (61-58cm)
  • SMALL 16 3/8” = Inseam 27” to 30” (68-76.5cm)
  • MEDIUM 18 3/8″ = Inseam 30″ to 33″ (76.5-84cm)
  • LARGE 20 3/8″ = Inseam 33″ to 36″ (84-91cm)
  • X-LARGE 22 3/8″ = Inseam greater than 36″ (91cm)

Don’t know how to measure your inseam?

When we ask you for your “inseam measurement” we need your LEG LENGTH from the crotch to floor in your stocking feet (not your jeans or pant leg size, as pants are built longer than leg length).
Best way to be accurate:

  • Hold a notebook or hard-edged something-of-substance as high as possible between your legs so that the top edge is parallel with the floor.
  • Calculate the measurement with a tape (a retractable metal one is easiest to use) from the top of the hard edge to the floor. (Note: it’s best to do this in stocking feet to get accurate length without the addition of heels on your boots or shoes).
how to measure inseam length.png

To learn more about saddle sizing, replacing worn parts, and more be sure to visit our SUPPORT section of the website.

Or email [email protected]