Bucking Rolls


Two padded leather ‘pouches’ that attach to the front of a western saddle to supplement the “swells” (widest portion of the fork) and help a rider to stay in the saddle in an “oh no!” situation. Traditionally designed to be used with narrow (“slick fork”) saddles, some people feel more secure with them added to wider fork styles…and others think they just look cool!

  • Constructed with sturdy leather frame and soft chap leather covering 2 fibre-stuffed pouches
  • Curve-shaped to conform to the contour of the saddle.
  • Pouches are connected to each other in the center via latigo lacing strap and attach to saddle via screws at base of the fork
  • Custom color coordinated to match your saddle
  • Easily detachable. Example – You may want to use for starting colts but remove for long distance riding

If you are adding Bucking Rolls to your saddle order when you purchase a model on which they do not come as a standard, our saddle makers will install them when crafting your saddle. If you are planning to install them on a saddle you currently own, we recommend getting help from a saddle maker or leather worker unless you’re confident and handy.Available in one size.

Availability: This product will be handcrafted for you within 6 – 16 weeks.


BUCKING ROLLS were part of the style and function for “slick fork” or A-fork saddles, which have very little width to their swells. Many just love the look, some prefer the feel, others love the security. If your roll color is black, the lacing straps will match that, if your roll color is dark brown, the lacing straps will be burgundy.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 17.78 × 10.16 cm