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Rough Out Leather Care

Caring For Rough Out Leather is different – Here’s Why…

Rough Out Leather Care

What is Rough Out Leather?

Rough Out Leather is essentially just like any other saddle leather, only the underside has been used as the outside. It is often referred to or known as full-grain suede, reverse, flesh out, or rough out.

Why do people choose Rough Out Leather?

Rough Out leather is a popular choice for western saddles. They can be all, or part rough out, and are generally found in areas that require the most ‘stick’. Seats, Seat Jockey, and Fenders.’

Do I clean Rough Out Leather differently from Normal Leather?

YES. However, Rough Out Leather is still just like any other leather and requires cleaning, oiling, and conditioning. HOW you go about this process does vary, however.

Here’s how to clean and care for your Rough Out Leather.

  1. As Rough Out Leather is porous and quite different from the grain side of the leather (smooth side), applying products may darken the color (Fact: UV rays also do this over time). Be sure to only oil the ‘underside’ or smooth side of the leather if you want to delay this from occurring
  2. If you do use a Neatsfoot oil on the ‘rough side’, be sure your saddle has fully dried and all the oil has been absorbed before ‘brushing’ the leather – we shall explain this process next
  3. Use a strong nylon brush, remove dust and dirt. We have even had our saddles makers advise wire brushes are suitable for this cleaning process. By using a brush vigorously you will restore the ‘fuzzy’ look of the Rough Out Leather – as anyone with an aged rough out saddle will be aware, the nap can flatten and appear ‘shiny’

Love the look of rough out?

You can choose these on ANY of our saddle models (conditions and fees may apply).

Popular Saddle Models for Rough Out