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Are you a Carry Me with its ‘grab and go’ style?

The Deep Seat Light?  Security and adventure all rolled into one.

The Letitia Wade? Hard working and sturdy, yet with feminine charm.

Maybe the Western Freedom is more you?  Traditional with ‘Go Anywhere, Try Anything’ traits.

OH WAIT… Are you more Breeches than Cowgirl Boots?
We have you covered too.
Our Glenn Secret Pro Dressage has high class written all over it.

Which Saddle Are You Most Like?


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With so many saddle models to choose from, it can be a VERY hard decision!
Browse our range and see which you are drawn to.
If you STILL can’t be sure, ask us!
We can help you find the perfect match.

Once you ride your ‘saddle soulmate’ you simply won’t be able to ride anything else.