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Test Ride Info


As horse owners and horse lovers, at Natural Horseman Saddles we know that looking after their health and wellbeing is of paramount importance.

We have helped thousands of Horse lovers into saddles all over the planet, who ride all breeds:

– Broad-shouldered/broad backed horses (whether they be Icelandic, Quarter Horses, Percherons, Cobbs, Haflingers, Shires….)

– Short-backed Horses of all sorts.

– Gaited horses who need all sorts of extra shoulder-swinging room

– Arabians (and even Fresians) who have “hourglass torsos” with narrow shoulders and broad backs

– “Hard-to-Fit” horses of all sorts: those with deteriorated physiques, asymmetrical issues or just plain “not yet successfully fit with a saddle”…for whatever reason.


Whether you ride Western, English, or anything in between, searching for a suitable saddle can be expensive, time-consuming and let’s face it… Frustrating!

We want to ensure you make the right choice the first time.

You and your horse/s deserve equipment that not only looks good but feels great too. After all, saddles that free your horse’s body will also free their mind. The end result? Enhancing your relationship rather than detracting from it.


By investing a little time and money investigating our saddles you’ll be able to make a confident decision when it comes time to order.
Please take advantage of our FREE SADDLE FIT EVALUATION so our team can set you up for success.
(You can send this with your TEST RIDE request email or, we can email you the editable PDF that explains what we require).

*** You can also check out our SUPPORT section of the website (LINK) to learn about what makes our saddles unique, and what advice we have when riding our saddles.***

Check out our FREE SADDLE FIT EVALUATION so our team can set you up for success. Participating in this process will pay off, and your horse will thank you by letting you know it was worth it.

Simply fill in the asked information, take the pictures and measurements described and send back to saddles@naturalhorsemansaddles.com
Our team will get back with full evaluation results within 3 – 5 business days.